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Frequently ASKED Question 

Q :  May I know what documents do I need to submit if I wish to purchase a domain? Can I use Identity Card ( IC )?

We are here to answer your questions.

.COM.MY / NET.MY / .ORG.MY ( Malaysia Legal Organisation only)

For Malaysia legal organisation only

>> SSM number and full company name needed

.MY ( Malaysia Legal Organisation or Private Malaysian IC or Foreigner with proof staying in Malaysia )

For Malaysia legal organisation or private Malaysian Identity Card (IC) or foreigner with proof staying in Malaysia only

>> SSM number and full company name needed or softcopy of Identity Card (IC)

>> Foreigner can submit valid Work Visa/Study Visa / Proof of staying or working in Malaysia 


For Malaysia educational institution only

>> Certificate or Approval for Educational Institution and Application letter


For Malaysian only

>> Only softcopy of Identity card needed

Purchase a PROXY

Last but not least, if you wish to register a Malaysian domain without the necessary documents. You can purchase a PROXY which we can register and manage the domain professionally for you.

>> Purchase at here


For more reference and detail at MYNIC

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