Payment mode and Leads time

We currently Accept Payment via Paypal & Manual Transfer (or ATM Transfer) to our Maybank account below

Maybank Bank Account  (Offline Transfer)

Big Domain Sdn Bhd  
Account number: 507424635509
contact : billing [at] immediately upon payment

Others Payment

  • Choose Paypal - For Paypal for VISA/MASTER
  • Choose Molpay - For Alipay, 7eleven Cash, Maybank2u,CIMBClicks and others Banks online

For Lead time

Payment Clearance 

  • Molpay - (maybank/Pbe/CIMB /VISA/Master )   - instant confirmation 
  • Paypal - (Visa/Master ) - instant confirmation
  • Offline TT / Online Manual Transfer  - manuaal checking 1-2 days - subject to confirmation by our bankers.
  • eWallet - Boost is now Accepted  ( Choose Molpay > Boost )
  • Cash Payment    (Choose Molpay > 7eleven > Cash) 

Bigdomain Payment now with Boost

Domain Order Processing  (after payment clearance)

  • .com/net/org/asia/info  - Fast durnig Day Time
    We are processing most extension manually due to promotion pricing 

  • .MY (Malaysia)  -  Average 1-2 Business days (subject to registrant info verification) 
    .MY FAQ Readings  - BigDomain .MY Guide 
  • .SG (Singapore)  -Average 1-2 Business days (if all document / requirement completed . if proxy within 10hours)
  • .ID(Indonesia) - 10 hours (via proxy )
  • others domain (please check with support  via email or

this is for reference and Countries domain are subjected to manual submission and may result in extended lead time due to huge backlog from time to time

Hosting processing

  • Linux Hosting - Instant 
  • Others - average 1 day

We like your feedback about speed , but sometimes we also rely on upstream reigstrar and process . feel free to talk to us.
this is a business of passion. and we dont like backlog too 

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