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SEO 360

Know your Competitor , get a SEO with 360 view

SEO Enterprise

The Full Service Enterprise Package for Company
- Website Services ,Design and Optimise
- a Effortless Experience

Multi-year pricing
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Email Server Setup - Self Managed

Design to send more than 200,000 per month
Very Cheap Email Sending Options (approx RM0.0005 per email)
- Unlimited Subscriber
- Multiple Brand / Department Support (own Company Sharing)
- Unlimited Email (Daily 50,000 Limits) ,
up to 1.5M Email (per 30 days)
- Estimated cost per 100,000 Email (RM50 – AWS Cost)
- Email Inbox Test
- High Inbox Rate
- Ready / Tracking Report
- Own AWS account for Billing & Management
- Powered by AWS
- Any Email List Adhere to AWS accepted Email Policy and Terms

Multi-year pricing RM1,000.00 Setup Fee
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