Account Inodes Limits (Limit/Unlimited Inodes)

Files / Inodes - Resource Limitation
In General , Large Number of Files will result in slowing Server performance
We Recommend client who want to use App or eCommerce /CMS to go for SPEEDO Cloud Hosting for Performence and Unlimited Inodes

Our General Guideline for File is

  • BigCloud cPanel Starter - 5,000  - 20,000 Inodes
  • BigCloud Basic - 50,000 Inodes 
  • BigCloud Premium - 200,000 Inodes
  • BigCloud VPS / Speedo Performance Hosting for WordPress and APP
    - No Inodes Limits / Unlimited Inodes / Unmetered Inodes
How To check Inodes Limits
Login to your cPanel , Look at Statistic on the Right Panel , and Files Usage
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