Server Scheduled Maintenance August - 2020

  • Saturday, 1st August, 2020
  • 09:03am

a Server Maintenance has been Schduled on the below Timeframe , These include general performance improvements, enhancements to networking throughput, and a BIOS upgrade intended to address the primary cause of increased emergency maintenance over the last several months.

A 2-hour window is allocated, however, the actual downtime should be around 45 - 60 minutes.

Website on Schedule Maintenance on the following Schedule - 04-Aug-2020 10.00pm-12.00am - 05-Aug-2020 12.00am-2.00am - 07-Aug-2020 12.00am - 2.00am - 08-Aug-2020 12.00am - 2.00am 

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