It has been a great journey with all the support by our Customers (friends), Stakeholders, Vendors and the entire BigDomain Team.

We have been working very hard, very hard to provide a greater experience for all BigDomain users, and in fact, we have been busy working through our roadmap for 2019 for the last few months in upgrading all our servers and hosting infrastructure.

Many of us had sleepless nights testing and optimizing our new server to ensure tests are passed and we are happy to announce that, we are targeting 1st May 2019 to re-deploy all our customers on our latest FULL SSD Cloud located in Singapore DC such as Equinix.

What you should Expect from this upgrade

- Minimal / No downtime
- Support standing by and monitoring all upgrade
- No Price Increase
- Free Account Remain available and Running on SSD too

What you will get 

- Full 100% SSD Performance
- Fully cloud - multiple hardwares, Servers
- Optimised Litespeed Websever and Wordpress Litespeed Caching [premium hosting]
- Faster Server Port Speed
- Aim to Improve from 99.5-99.9% uptime (not more than 44-60 Minutes Down time per month)

After 1st May 2019 
- We will be launching new Program for our loyal customers, and possible income generating opportunities 
- More Promotions and Communication

Thank you for all your support. We want to work closely with you.

Henry Tye Founder and CEO 
and the entire BigDomain Team

Thursday, April 25, 2019

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